To establish and operate a high quality, educational program and facility in a traditional urban community for children from infants to age five.

To create and maintain a community of children, educators, administrators and parents centered on the teaching methods and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori as adopted to the needs of the community, all dedicated to the unfolding of each person through early learning.

To help students progress towards school-readiness through educational activities using the Montessori teaching methods.

Montessori School On Edgewood began as a concept of the Greater Dwight Development Corporation. The GDDC acknowledged the need for a quality child care facility in the Dwight neighborhood of New Haven. The result is the Montessori School on Edgewood which opened in the Fall of 2006. We offer programs for children six-weeks to five years old, based on the methods of Dr. Maria Montessori.

The Montessori School On Edgewood provides a safe, healthy and enriching environment for children to grow and enjoy their early learning experiences.

Through following the Montessori philosophy, children use their natural curiosity to learn the basic academic requirements of early childhood where respect for others is the norm.

Hands-on materials are provided to take advantage of what children are naturally capable of learning. Our aim is to provide an environment that fosters their love of learning and respect for others while giving a child a wide variety of experiences.


Infant:  For children ages six weeks to 18 months

Toddler: For children ages 18 months to three years

Pre-K: For children ages three years to five years old


Montessori School On Edgewood is an accredited NAEYC school.

  • President
  • First Vice President
  • Second Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

  • Suzan Barnett
  • Bianca Bowles
  • Betty Cordoza
  • Rachel Gretencord
  • Keith Krolak
  • Stefanie Laccone-Thach
  • Stephanie Lamothe
  • Sheila Masterson
  • Aldith Pritchet
  • DiDi Strode
  • Evelyn Streeter-Frizzle
  • Anne Calabresi
  • Joan Miller
  • Matthew Storeygard
  • Rev. Samuel Ross-Lee
  • Eileen O’Donnell
  • Jenifer Blemings
  • Elaine Quinn
  • Yury Maciel-Andrews
  • Anne Losty
About Montessori School on Edgewood - New Haven, Connecticut
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  • Director of Education
  • Infant/Toddler 1 Teachers
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  • Infant/Toddler 3 Teachers
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  • Administrative & Support Staff;
  • Linda Townsend-Maier
  • April Kilgore
  • Cecile Malm
  • June Gonsalves
  • Florence Gallimore
  • Jessica Bango
  • Kristen Reinwald
  • Marta Edna Rios
  • Frances Gutierrez
  • Carolina Silva
  • Terry Gomilsek
  • Nicole Mack
  • Amelia Sheerwood
  • Troshara Stenson - Office Manager
  • Martha Williams - Support Staff
  • Brenda Alexander - Receptionist
  • Lassie Pinckney - Support Staff
  • Barbara Payne - Support Staff
  • Nakia Matheney - Support Staff
  • Cindy Sims - Support Staff
  • Dorothy Matthews - Custodian